Aneta | 28 years, 165 cm

Basic info

Availability:Bratislava, Vienna, Europe, Asia, USA
Languages:English - fluent
Profesion:entrepreneur in tourism
Age:28 years
Height:165 cm (5' 4")
Bust:93 cm (37")
Waist:64 cm (25")
Hips:94 cm (37")
Eyes color:brown-green
Hair color:blond
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A personal note from Aneta

My dear, here are some notes about me: 

I am a very open-minded and adventurous young lady living in Slovakia. I recently graduated from a University in Slovakia (Faculty of Travel business) and I do business in tourism.

Beside my work, I am also a companion because I love travelling and I enjoy to meet sophisticated people, especially nice gentlemen :-) (I have no problem with the age gap).

I am a good listener, curious to discover and try new things - I am a lover of adrenaline experience. I can talk to you about any topic without taboo. Meeting people from different nations is fascinating and exciting; since everyone has a unique perspective on life.

I am also very passionate, naturally sweet, emphatetic, willing and capable to realize your dreams. I adore momentary love. I need to be fed with emotions. And you? Is that idea exciting for you?

I love swimming, hiking, climbing, visiting of museums and art galleries and reading of good books. And like almost every young woman I like shopping, music and dancing. But if you have a different idea how to spend your time, don´t hesitate to let me know. My pleasure is to make you happy.

I am a non-smoker. I don´t have any tattoes. I have a small pearcing in my belly button.

And food? I enjoy having delicious meals in all kinds of good restaurants (my favourite cuisine is Mediterranean and French, especially sea food).  What’s your favourite?  Oh, and don’t forget, let’s share a good white wine or sparkling Italian Prosecco with our great meal.

Where can we meet?  Since I live in Slovakia (eastern part), the nearest airport is Vienna or Budapest for me. I am available to meet you any kind of safe country of the world.  

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

XOXO, your Aneta

My RATES are basic, you can find them here: Detailed rates.

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6 MAIN REASONS why to meet Aneta:

  1.  The look of an innocent „girl next-door“ but in privacy she is a real dynamo :-),
  2.  A genuine GFE & positive, friendly, open-minded attitude,
  3.  Very slender but voluptuous figure,
  4.  Fluent English & great communication skills,
  5.  Perfect age - 28 (still very young but already mentally mature),
  6.  She isn´t too tall so shorter men won´t look ridiculous next to her :-).



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Duration Rates
4 hrs   500 €
12 hrs 1000 €
24 hrs 1300 €
48 hrs 1700 €
72 hrs 2100 €

Dear clients, please note:

Aneta lives nearby Bratislava but she is flexible and can meet you almost worldwide (departure from Vienna airport).

Loyal clients (who regularly book with us) will get 50-100 Euro discount.



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