Office hours

  • Monday – Friday      9:30 am – 10:00 pm (CET)
  • Saturday – Sunday   9:30 am – 11:30 am (CET)
  • Office is closed during holidays (exact info - on the page „News & Events").

How to contact us?

  1. By e-mail - alice(na)alitgroup(tecka)com (or alicealitgroup(na)gmail(tecka)com) - Our answers may be delivered to your spam folder  
  2. By the booking form of your favourite lady
  3. By the form below:
* Fields with asterisks are required.

New clients

Before you send us your request, we highly recommend you to read profiles of ladies and the page Information, especially Booking conditions and FAQ.

Please let us know (in your first e-mail if you don´t use a booking form):

  • A few words about you (where are you from, your age, height, your profession... etc.);
  • The exact date, destination and duration of a meeting;
  • What time you would like to start a meeting;
  • Your expectation, special wishes;
  • Who is your first and second choice of a lady.

Returning clients

Regularly booking with us? So just let us know:

  • The exact date, destination and duration of a meeting;
  • What time you want to start a meeting;
  • Who lady is your first and second choice?

When can you expect our reply?

We always reply to your e-mail or booking form the same day you sent it to us (usually within a few hours or at the latest next morning, if you sent us your request in the night of CET).

Last Minute Bookings in Prague

We accept bookings no later than 10 hours in advance (if you want to meet a lady in the evening you have to send us your e-mail at the latest in the morning).

To speed up the process, please send us the complete information in your first email (!):

  • A few ladies who you like the most,
  • What time you want to start a meeting, duration of a meeting,
  • In which hotel you stay,
  • You cellphone number,
  • Briefly introduce yourself (where you are from, your age, height... etc.),
  • Your expectation

Didn't you receive our answer?

Please first check your spam folder (due to the character of this business, it is very likely that you will get our e-mail into your spams).

Isn't our answer in your spam folder?

In this case, please contact us at our second e-mail address: alicealitgroup(na)gmail(tecka)com. Thank you very much.

Didn't you receive our reply to your booking form?

If you sent us a booking form and didn´t hear from us within half of day, there is a technical failure. In this case, please kindly sent us the copy of your booking form (which you received to your e-mail) to us by e-mail. Thank you very much.