Your FAQ´s (answered by Alice – the manager of Alit Group)

1) Why should I choose your service?

Our success has built on honesty, reliability and the high quality of our services since 2002. We are not perfect... but we continue to work on achieving perfection. We appreciate suggestions from our clients as those comments help us improve the overall experience you have with our ladies. Our goal is the creation of a long-term relationship with our clients and to convert first-time clients into long-term customers. And, we are proud that we continue to be highly rated by Captain69 (the well-known, reputable British rating forum).

2) Do companions photos correspond with reality?

We are aware of that practice and recent software programs allow for all types of modification to the „real“ person. So your worries are totally justified. Regardless of that widespread practice, I can guarantee that I know all of the girls very well. I meet them regularly so I am aware of any significant change in their bodies (i.e., hair color, weight, tatoos, etc.) and I will never post photos which are not representative of how she will appear when you meet her. In case you have any doubts, please contact us and I can send you a few private photos of our companions.

3) How should I select a suitable companion?

To answer this question, you must ask yourself what you are looking for in a companion. Do you need someone to escort you to a business dinner or social function? Do you require a travel guide or are you interested in something of a more intimate or personal nature? Each ALIT GROUP girl has something special to offer. I strongly recommend matching the biography of the girl with your individual tastes and needs.

4) Can you guarantee that I will meet the girl who I booked? I had a bad experience with another agency.

We are well aware that there are agencies who will hide faces on their websites (on the pretex of condidentiality) and send a totaly different lady for an appointment. We would NEVER treat one of our valued customers in such an unprofessional manner! Obviously, there can be an occassion when the lady you booked gets ill, or is otherwise unable to make an appointment. Not only it is a big disappointment for you, the lady is likely to be disappointed as well. Should that situation arise, I will contact you and we will look for a solution together (you can choose a different lady or cancel the meeting etc.).

5) May I talk with a companion via phone, Skype etc. before I book her and then decide?

Although it is not a common practise, some of our ALIT GROUP girls offer to our clients an exclusive Skype or Whatsapp video-call. The price is 100€ for 30 minutes. You have to pay the proper amount in advance by bank transfer or via Paypal. 
However, most of our ALIT GROUP ladies do not accept video or phone-calls because one of the reasons why our companions chose to work for us is that we do not provide a direct phone contact prior to your first meeting. Companions have their reasons and I shall respect their wishes. Remember, most of these ladies have private lives... away from the escort business... and would prefer that those worlds stay seperate.
If you want to meet a lady for a longer period of time (e.g. one week) then I understand that you want to be sure that she speaks your chosen language to the degree necessary for a pleasant trip. Simply contact me regarding that issue and we will work on a solution together.

6) Do you think that it is possible to find this way a life partner?

I am not only convinced that it is quite possible for that to happen... I personally know of several ladies who have gotten married and other who now have met long-term boyfriends through my agency. Yes, it can hapen :-)!

7) How should the companion be dressed?

That depends on the situation. Where are you going and what will you be doing: ALIT GROUP ladies can dress for any occasion. Just indicate your requests in your booking form.

8) Is sex considered as one of the companion's obligations?

ALIT GROUP ladies are not "professionals" and sex isn´t their obligation. The financial donation, which a companion will receive from you, is solely for her time spent with you and her travel expenses. Any activity that occurs between the companion and you is a matter of a personal choice between two legal-age adults. 

9) Are your rates negotiable? I found agencies which have lower rates.

Any time an agency is willing to negotiate is your first clue that you are going to have a bad experience. No, we do not negotiate.... no reputable agency would consider it as we have expenses just like any other business. Our rates are very reasonable and equates to quality companions. There is an old addage: „You get what you pay for“ which is definately the case when looking for a quality companion. However, if you find one of our companions listed for a cheaper rate with a different agency, let us know and it is only fair that you receive the lower rate.

10) Do I have to pay any deposit?

We do not require any amount in advance from you if you want to meet a companion in Prague (or in a different city of the Czech Republic). However if you wish to meet a lady outside of the Czech Republic we will ask you to cover all travel expenses in advance plus (if you are our new client) 30 % of the escort fee. The funds should be forwarded through Western Union Bank or you can provide a bank-to-bank wire transfer.

11) Why do I have to pay a deposit for a booking outside of the Czech Republic?

Our long experience in tourism showed us that deposits have to be required. We can not put our companions in an awkward situation that nobody will wait for her at the airport because the booking was not meant seriously (This unpleasant situation has already happened to us!)

12) I am afraid to send a deposit in advance, I have a bad experience with another agency, which took the deposit from me but the companion did not show up.

You can file this complaint under „reliability“, we would not be in business for almost 20 years without providing the services that you have purchases. Yes, we have heard this story numerous times. My personal recommendation is to check reviews and history of agencies in rating portals (i.e., in popular by Captain69.  Our ALIT companions are very reliable and they always arrive at their destination. We will contact you if she is experiencing any minor delays. As for not showing up at all? No, that would never happen! If we did not require a deposit it would also be possible for the gentlemen not to meet the lady... and then she would be stranded! Trust is a two-way street.

13) How far in advance should I contact you regarding a booking?

Please contact us as soon as your schedule is finalized. The sooner the better as you will have a better opportunity to book the lady of your preference. In general, we recommend a minimum advance notice of one week for meetings outside of the Czech Republic. However, for meetings in Prague, we would appreciate your minimum booking 2 to 3 days in advance.

Please remember that our ladies have busy lives and they are carving out time in their schedule to be with you. Therefore, we (and she) would sincerely appreciate hearing from you if there has been a change in your schedule that would impact your booking (that includes delays and cancellations)... we can be flexible... but we also need your help and consideration. Last minute cancellations should be avoided.

14) I just sent you the booking form /e-mail. When can I expect your reply?

I do my best to reply to your request within a few hours during my working hours (during the week from 9:30 am - 10:00 pm and during weekends from 9:30 am - 11:30 am of Central European time). In case that you should not receive an answer after 12 hrs (please do not forget to check your spam folder!) there may have been a technical failure. In this event, we ask you to get back in touch with us.

15) What if I am in Prague and I want to meet someone within an hour or two? Would that be possible?

No. We are NOT that type of agency. We DO NOT have ladies sitting around waiting for someone to call or „drop-by“. As previously stated, our ladies have professional careers outside of the escort business and cannot (nor do they wish to) make last minute arrangements. Furthermore, some of the ladies live outside of Prague and I will need to contact them. In short, it isn`t reasonable, courteous or, relative to her travel time, feasible.

16) If one or two hours advance notice isn´t possible, what is the minimum advance notice that you require?

The minimum advance notice is 10 hours. Please understand, however, that this minimum may limit the ladies that are available. We want our clients to have an enjoyable unrushed experience... and so do the ladies. Therefore, we simply ask that you give us a reasonable amout of time to accommodate both parties: the lady and you.

17) Are your ladies available for travel outside of Prague (or Europe)? And, if so, who are they and how difficult is it to make the arrangements?

As for the ladies that can travel outside of Prague (or Europe), the travel information for each lady can be found in their individual profiles. Some of them enjoy traveling a lot and have flexible work, or university programs, so they are available to travel to most parts of the world. Others, however, are too busy and they only accept meetings in Europe.

18) Are Visas required for all travel outside of Europe?

  • Countries where Czech Ladies can travel without a visa:
    all Europe, the United States, Canada, South America, Mexico, Belize, Carribean islands, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Costarika, UAE, Hong-Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Malaysia, Tchai-wan, South Korea, Seychelles, Mauritius, Turkey, New Zealand.
  • Countries where it is easy for ladies from the Czech Republic to acquire a visa:
    China, Oman, India, Australia

19) I would prefer to speak with someone when making my booking but your website does not provide a phone number.

Please understand that we not only maintain the highest level of discretion for our clients, we offer the same bond of trust with our ladies. It is our experience over the past 17 years that direct phone contact, prior to the reservation being confirmed, is unnecessary. Rest assured that we/I will provide you with ALL of the possible information that you would require to make an informed decision during the booking process. Should you have additional questions prior to booking, please feel free to contact us at alice(na)alitgroup(tecka)com. You will receive a reply to your questions the same day or, at the latest, the following day. After the reservation is confirmed we will provide you with a phone number where you may call should you need to contact us regarding certain difficulties that you may be experiencing with your travels (i.e. airport delays, arrival delays, cancellations, etc.). We can also stay in contact via text messaging.

20) Describe a typical meeting in Prague.

This depends on your requirements. Normally, a booked lady will be waiting for you in your hotel (usually in lobby). However, if you prefer, she can meet you at the airport dressed according to your preferences or social requirements specified on your booking form. The remainder of your time together is totally up to you! ALIT GROUP ladies are familiar with the best of what Prague has to offer: theatres, restaurants, nightclubs, museums, sporting events, and other general points of interest.

21) Describe a typical meeting outside of the Czech Republic

We normally ask that you meet the lady at the airport. However, if you are too busy to meet her at the airport, we have two other suggestions: 1. provide her with exact details and transportation recommendations to your hotel; or 2. you can make arrangements for her transportation to the hotel. Other transportation details, along with your needs and/or requirements during her stay, will be worked out prior to her travel to your city. Once she arrives it will be time to enjoy each other's company!

22) How do I make the payment(s) when I meet a companion?

By one word: discretely. As I said before, ALIT GROUP ladies are not "professionals"; your discretion will be greatly appreciated. Shortly after her arrival, you should provide her with an envelope containing the appropriate payment (refer to Rates). Some clients have the envelope enclosed in a gift, while others find some other tactful way finalizing the arrangements. Remember, girls respond well to imaginative men!

23) After she receives the envelope (payment), will I be required to pay for any additional expenses?

Gentlemen, lets be reasonable. The ALIT GROUP lady is your guest and you should expect to pay for her usual and customary travel expenses (meals, ground transportation, admission fees, etc.). You are not required to pay for any mementos or gifts that she may choose to purchase.

24) My schedule has changed. I need to cancel the booking but I sent to you already the deposit...

Yes, we understand that it can happen. Please give us a notice as soon as possible by e-mail. Either we will refund your deposit to your account (or by Western Union) or, If you wish, we will keep it and the amount will be deducted from your subsequent booking. Regrettably we can not guarantee refunds on prepaid travel expenses. It depends on type of tickets and airline company`s conditions.

25) I have just met the lady but I am not sure if I want to stay with her. May I cancel the meeting?

Yes, you may cancel the meeting during the first 15 minutes without any fee except reimbursement of the travel expenses for the companion. But we believe that your choice of the lady will be right and this awkward situation will not happen!

26) What should I do If I realize during the appointment that my selection of the companion was not right? I would like to finish the meeting earlier.

In this case please contact us as soon as possible. The companion will retain payment only for the actual time spent in your company, and the rest will be returned to you. At that point, you may decide whether or not you would like to meet an alternative companion.

27) Are the meetings confidential?

Absolutely! ALIT GROUP does NOT share any information about its clients with anyone or any company. You will not be contacted by ALIT GROUP unless it is at your request. The meetings of our clients are ALWAYS confidential. We rely on repeat customers and recognize that you require privacy.

28) Is your office open permanently all year round, also during summer?

During the summer months of July and August, our office is usually closed for a two-week period. Please read the actual information on the website (in the page News & Events).