Liliana | 27 years, 178 cm

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Availability:almost worldwide
Languages:English - excellent
Russian - very good
Swiss German - good
Education:high school
Age:27 years
Height:178 cm (5' 10")
Bust:87 cm (34")
Waist:54 cm (21")
Hips:81 cm (32")
Eyes color:blue
Hair color:light brown
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A personal note from Liliana

  •  Liliana is available for Skype videocalls (30 min./100€, payment in advance by Paypal or bank transfer)

Dear Gentlemen,

there are so many exciting things in the world that I’ve never experienced. Would you like to help me discover some of them?

I am an open-minded, easy-going young lady with an optimistic mind, a former fitness bikini model. Currently I am an entrepreneur - a project manager (I work on many various projects) I am happy, energetic but romantic by nature, as well as very social. I like to talk and have fun. 

I enjoy the company of sophisticated gentlemen of all ages and nations and also I like to meet couples. I am generous and believe that it is better to give than to receive.

I speak English and Russian fluently and can communicate in Swiss German. My hobbies are travelling, modern dancing, culture (any kind of art - opera, ballet, classical concerts - I have an artistic soul), listening to good music, boxing :-) and exercising in a fitness centre.

When we eat, I’d love to have Greek, Italian or Thai cuisine (I eat mostly a good piece of meat, I need proteins :-)).

I am a non-smoker.

I have a small tattoo, otherwise I am totally natural. I don’t have any implants, any piercings.

I look forward to meeting you soon in Prague or anywhere in Europe, as well in some Asian countries and the rest of the globe.

XOXO Yours Liliana

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Are you in a bad mood? In stress from your work and other everyday duties? Do you feel empty, tired, exhausted? Do you want to feel young and fresh again? Then Liliana is a great choice right for you!

This hyperactive young lady is „charged“ by positive energy that will immediately draw you into a great mood.  You will feel very comfortable as soon as you meet your „old“ good friend. She is naturally beautiful, classy, funny, sensual, well-mannered, and well-educated.

And one last, good note :-). Althought she is very young, she has no problem with the age gap. So hurry up to book her soon!


logo_alite Your's Alice
When Liliana walked into my hotel to meet me for the first time, my first thoughts were beautiful and adorable. We had great chemistry within seconds. Based on her other reviews, this appears to be the norm. We spent 2 great days in Vienna together, did a lot of walking, sightseeing and a little shopping. I very highly recommend Liliana to anyone who needs an energy boost and wants to spend some time with a beautiful lady with great personality.
  • Opinion:
  • Place: Vienna
  • Date: 2023-06-16
  • Length: 48 hrs
My time with Lilly was wonderful. She really is a special woman. Honestly I felt more alive with her than I had in a long long time. She is beautiful, and nice, and fun. I did not expect just how much I would enjoy her company. Please say hello for me.
  • Opinion:
  • Place: Vienna
  • Date: 2021-09-10
  • Length: 48 hours
Lilien is a wonderful girl, funny, interesting, with a tremendous body. I really enjoyed her company, she was the best of your girls until now.
  • Opinion:
  • Place: Germany
  • Date: 2021-08-06
  • Length: 48 hours
It was a wonderfull time together with Lilli. She is very nice, polite and sexy. And her outfit is great. I am very satisfied.
  • Opinion:
  • Place: Bulgaria
  • Date: 2019-08-30
  • Length: 4 nights
Lili is the most beautiful, funny, exciting, attractive, intelligent, sexy and unforgettable girl I've met in so many years, but ... also the most dangerous :-D :-D :-D. Just because I'm over 60 and I've learned to control my emotions ... otherwise it's impossible not to fall in love with her !!! Despite the age difference, with Lili we immediately established an excellent relationship ... perhaps because we are both pretty crazy ;-). I really have to thank you a lot for suggesting her to me ... we really had a very good time together!
  • Opinion:
  • Place: Switzerland
  • Date: 2019-08-20
  • Length: 4 days
Lili is a very nice girl, polite and very friendly. We had got excellent time together. Thank you for all.
  • Opinion:
  • Place: France
  • Date: 2019-07-18
  • Length: 5 days
Delightful, young, fresh, very open and very easy to be with. Both outside and of course quite important also inside the hotel, in bed. If you like very skinny and smallbreasted girls - which I do - she has a perfect body. At no time did I feel that I was with an escort. Which considering our age gap of over 50 years is a major achievement. I am reasonably certain that she had a nice time with me. I am VERY certain that I did!
  • Opinion:
  • Place: Warsaw
  • Date: 2019-04-16
  • Length: 24 hours
I do hesitate to disclose a recommendation for her ! she's a gem want to hide ... She's lighting your feeling; all was perfect and she's handsome, much more then the photos disclosed showed and a fantastic strong fit body enhance by hours and hours of gym .... highly recommended !
  • Opinion:
  • Place: Prague
  • Date: 2019-03-25
  • Length: 4 hours
It was a really perfect 2 days in the cold Switzerland. But with Lilli around me in all circumstances and in all situations, the time was warm and may be very hot. She has THE talent to be my real GF, the best experience since years. She is interested about a lot of things, with a nice peak for machines and cars. She is able to walk long distance, and she has a never ending power and energy . She likes a 24h fitness in the house. If there isn´t, the partner will be the program. So, Lilli is really a source for your energy, and the most powerful consumer of it. All in real time. Fantastic.
  • Opinion:
  • Place: Switzerland
  • Date: 2018-12-19
  • Length: 48 hours

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Duration  Rates
4 hrs  600 €
12 hrs 1100 €
24 hrs 1500 €
48 hrs (Europe)  2000 €
48 hrs (Asia) 2100 €
each extra day  500 €

Dear clients, please note:

Liliana lives in Prague.

She can travel by bus or train to Vienna, Bratislava, Dresden, Nürnberg and Berlin. We will be glad to discuss this option with you. Price of tickets is about 150 Euro.

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