Playmate Noemi | 28 years, 168 cm

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Availability:Prague, Europe
Languages:English - fluent
Education:high school
Age:28 years
Height:168 cm (5' 6")
Bust:90 cm (35")
Waist:63 cm (25")
Hips:89 cm (35")
Eyes color:blue
Hair color:blond
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A personal note from Playmate Noemi

Hi guys,

I do not  like to speak about myself very much. I would rather have you get to know me by being with me, OK?  But I can tell you a little: I am a former playmate (a model featured in the centerfold of Playboy) and I still work as a photo-model for prestigious magazines.

I have a gentle, well-balanced, optimistic, empathetic personality and I usually get along with all kinds of people. 

Photo-modeling is not just work for me but also a hobby.  In fact I am a sensual exhibitionist who likes to look and feel attractive for others, especially kind men. 

I am a restless person, looking for change and new experiences and new unusual situations.  So you won’t be surprised that travelling is another big hobby of mine.  I most love visiting of foreign countries, sightseeing and discovering new cultures.

Like every young woman I am interested in fashion, I especially like to wear a sexy but decent style of clothes.   

I like any kind of sport because it helps me keep in good physical and psychological condition.

I also love walking in nature or sunbathing and relaxing on the beach.

I am a non-smoker. The cuisine which I like the most is Mediterranean (pasta) combined with a good vintage of white wine (I  drink alcohol very a little) and water. 

I will be glad to meet you in Prague (only for at max. 12 hours) or other Europeans cities. Since my free time is limited I probably won´t be able to meet you for any longer than 48 hrs.     

Yours Noemi  xoxo

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Noemi is a combination of charismatic beauty, sophisticated manners and intelligence. This delightful blond lady is a gem of any society. She can be your fantastic friend for fun and a wonderful partner for sport or relaxing weekend.

Her English is fluent. Don´t miss the opportunity to meet her soon. She isn´t going to stay in this business too long. Highly recommended!  

logo_alite Your's Alice
Noemi is really very pretty, polite, elegant and has a very nice behaviour. I do not know where Alice found her, but it seems to me she came from another planet :-). The meeting was perfect. Thanks for everything.
  • Opinion:
  • Place: Milan
  • Date: 2018-07-27
  • Length: 24 hours

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4 hrs   700 €
12 hrs  1200 €
24 hrs  1500 €
48 hrs  2000 €
72 hrs  2500 €

Dear clients, please note:

Noemi accepts just shorter meeting meetings in Prague (at max. for 12 hours).

She can travel by train or by her car to Munich, Dresden, Nürnberg, Berlin, Vienna, Bratislava. We will be glad to discuss this option with you. Price of tickets is about 100 Euro.

Or she meet you in other European cities (a departure from the airport Prague) at max. for 48 hrs

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