Bella | 24 years, 170 cm

Basic info

Availability:Prague, Europe, USA, Asia, Africa
Languages:English - fluent (B2)
German - basic (A1)
Profesion:student, erotic masseuse
Age:24 years
Height:170 cm (5' 6")
Bust:85 cm (33")
Waist:65 cm (26")
Hips:92 cm (36")
Eyes color:brown
Hair color:dark brown
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A personal note from Bella

  • Bella is available for a ski holiday

Hi, maybe you will find interesting that I am a student of University in Prague and I have a part-time job as an erotic masseuse. (Would you like to experience a special massage :-)?)  

I think about myself that I am very affectionate, friendly, tolerant, I have an optimistic mind and independent, emancipated personality.

I don´t have any problem with the age gap so even if you are an older gentleman, don´t hesitate to contact me, I am excited to meet you! I believe you won´t be bored with me.

When I am not studying you can find me walking in a park (I love nature, wood and animals). In winter time, I enjoy skiing, dancing at balls (I can teach you Vienna waltz :-)), visiting theatres, cinemas..

If you are looking for a partner for skiing in the mountains, visiting of a concert of classical music or you want to visit a theatre, then I am your girl! I will happilly join you. As well I like swimming, sightseeing, any kind of art (exhibitions, visiting of museums...) and travelling.

I don´t smoke classical cigarettes, just sometimes heat-not-burn tobacco without any smell.

If you would like to have a lunch or dinner I will be happy to have Italian cuisine with a glass of white wine.

I am natural; I have no implants, no piercings, just a few small tattoos.

I am eager to meet you in Prague or any other European city and also in the United States or some Asian countries.  


Bella's photo gallery

Bella is a great companion that every man dreams of. She is a sweetheart; a delightful, pure beauty with a very kind, open-minded and easy-going personality. Despite her very young age, her mind is mature, she is an intelligent, purposeful University student with a clear sense of what she wants in life.

She is a GFE (a girlfriend experience) type girl, talkative, humorous and fun to be with. She is a sensual partner for a shorter and also longer meeting. By booking time with Bella, you will have the opportunity to discover new dimensions of your life (e.g. fantastic erotic massage and much more :-)).

Bella's strong points:

  • despite her young age, very mentally mature
  • she doesn´t have any problem with the age gap
  • can provide an excellent erotic massage
  • a great skier
  • delightful, bright personality 


logo_alite Your's Alice
Bella is a breathtaking beauty. She looks better than her profile pictures in person, and I never stopped having butterflies whenever I glance at her. Such delicate, doll-like features, such youthful, flawless complexion! Underneath her ample beauty, I found a humorous and empathetic soul. She and I have very different background, interest, and hobbies, yet we are still able to find common grounds and connect as 2 fellow human beings. There was no judgement even when we have a difference of opinions, and I loved talking to her and seeing the world through her lens. During this time of year, Edinburgh is damp and cold. Despite the dour weather outside, I'm always giddy with excitement with Bella next to me. Through sharing a massage together, fine dining, and going on walking tours, I will always fondly remember Bella whenever someone utters the word “Edinburgh.”
  • Opinion:
  • Place: Edinburgh
  • Date: 2024-03-10
  • Length: 3 days
Incredible! Far more beautiful than website photos. Very passionate and caring. English level is perfect. Good conversationalist. Fun to be with. Never a dull moment. Willing to try ice skating together. Age difference was never a problem. Would not hesitate to recommend.
  • Opinion:
  • Place: Vienna
  • Date: 2024-02-24
  • Length: 3 days
What can I say? It all started when I informed Alice that I would only be able to meet Bella for a couple of hours and as part of a morning date to suit my schedule. Alice was her usual accommodating and pleasant self and Bella obliged. This alone is a huge positive in my book. Bella texted me 5 minutes before the agreed meeting time, informing me that she would be there in - you've perhaps guessed it - 5 minutes. And she was. I could have set my watch by her punctuality. She walked along that beautiful side street, strolling gently and moving in a way that can only be described as naturally feminine. I watched her general demeanor as she approached, without her knowing it was me standing outside and looking around. She looked so "girlish" and cute, which, considering that she couldn't have known I was there, is probably what she really is like. I walked towards her and made my presence known, already feeling relaxed, as if I was on a genuine date. And that feeling never left me. Bella has a way of making you feel at ease, as if she really was your girlfriend, and she is a skilled enough conversationalist to talk about a plethora of topics. I had actually requested a little role-playing game, and it could not have seemed more natural to me. As regards more intimate aspects, everything felt right and spontaneous. She accommodated every request of mine, whether expressed verbally or not, and trust me when I say that behind her girlish appearance hides a genuinely skilled lover. I could go on and on, but do not wish to reveal details. Bella was exactly what I had hoped for and so much more, and given the opportunity, I would not hesitate for a second to see her again. Please treat her well, she deserves every ounce of kindness and gentlemanly behavior. As for me, I sincerely hope she also enjoyed the time we spent together.
  • Opinion:
  • Place: Prague
  • Date: 2024-02-16
  • Length: 2 hours
Everything with Bella and our time together was great. She was very sweet and she was also a very good tour guide of Prague. She likes to walk which is a big plus :-) and we also share some other interests. I hope to come back and ask you for your assistance soon.
  • Opinion:
  • Place: Prague
  • Date: 2023-11-03
  • Length: 48 hrs
Thanks, Alice for arranging that evening with Bella. We had a great time and she is a lovely, intelligent and beautiful lady. I think she enjoyed, too. You gained another loyal client, as everything you have promised was met.
  • Opinion:
  • Place: Prague
  • Date: 2023-01-09
  • Length: 4 hours
Bella is an incredible young woman! She is sweet, intelligent, always positive, and always genuine. Our three days together were so fun, and not just an "experience." I felt like I was truly with my beautiful, sexy, and amazing girlfriend the entire time, both day and night. I feel that I have made a real friend and I can't wait to see her again!
  • Opinion:
  • Place: France
  • Date: 2022-09-26
  • Length: 72 hours
I had an astonishing experience with Bella. She looks absolutely stunning! Bella was so sweet, wearing an appealing girl-next-door outfit of my choice. She stayed very focused during our conversation, paying attention to every detail we discussed. Being also proficient in the English language, there were practically no topics she couldn’t handle. It was not just her divine natural beauty, but her emotional intelligence that really impressed me. Her virtue of sincerity makes the person feel very comfortable in her presence. A perfect 10!
  • Opinion:
  • Place: Brno
  • Date: 2022-08-27
  • Length: 4 hours
Alice, I would like thank you a lot for the amazing job to planning the meeting with Bella. She is a delightful and a very dedicated person. She definitely did her best to please me on any aspect.
  • Opinion:
  • Place: Prague
  • Date: 2022-06-29
  • Length: 48 hours
I finally met Bella and it was a great success. Everything was as we agreed. Bella is a fantastic girl and I had the best GFE in my life. She was very talkative and easy to communicate with. I don't like "professionals" but more of a girl next door type and Bella is exactly this. No problems with the age difference. Please remember me, so if next time in Prague, I will use Your help again to meet Bella, and next time already longer time.
  • Opinion:
  • Place: Prague
  • Date: 2022-04-11
  • Length: 4 hours
The meeting was very good and I had a lot of fun with Bella. I would say that she is very similar to Elena, same level, no one is better than the other. I like that type of next-door girls, all natural, with intelligent conversation, "non-professional" (said in the positive way!)
  • Opinion:
  • Place: Italy
  • Date: 2022-01-28
  • Length: 48 hours
Bella was a fantastic experience, I really enjoyed! She has been wonderfull. I will use the agency certainly another time.when in Prague.
  • Opinion:
  • Place: Prague
  • Date: 2020-02-21
  • Length: 12 hours
I had a really great time with Bella. Very pretty. She looks shy, but then she isn't shy at all :-). She is very, very young but if she continues on this career path, she will become the best lady of Alitgroup team. I will certainly be pleased to meet her again!!!
  • Opinion:
  • Place: Milan
  • Date: 2019-11-28
  • Length: 24 hours
Bella was great, very good communication and interesting conversation specially at her age.
  • Opinion:
  • Place: Prague
  • Date: 2019-11-05
  • Length: 48 hours

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4 hrs   600 €
12 hrs 1100 €
24 hrs 1500 €
48 hrs 2000 €
48 hrs (Asia, USA) 2200 €
each extra day   500 €


Dear clients, please note:

Bella lives in Prague. She can meet you in this city or other European cities.

Besides travelling by plane, she can travel also by bus or train to these cities: Vienna, Bratislava, Dresden, Nürnberg and Berlin

Price of tickets is about 100 Euro.

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