Chiara | 22 years, 172 cm

Basic info

Languages:English - fluent (B2)
Age:22 years
Height:172 cm (5' 7")
Bust:98 cm (39")
Waist:70 cm (28")
Hips:97 cm (38")
Eyes color:green-brown
Hair color:natural redhead
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A personal note from Chiara

If you would like to know something about me, please go on reading. I am a law student at University in Prague. And also – since I´d like to meet some interesting men – I decided to be (from time to time) a companion. This idea sounds really exciting to me (and for you? :-)).

I can characterize myself like a cheerful, talkative, friendly and down-to-earth girl. I speak English very well (at B2 level).

I am a natural readhead. What is the secret of readheads? Have a look what I found in Google :-):

“These women do not have to play anything, they can be natural, intuitive to achieve complete harmony. Redheads - are very passionate, like to experiment and nothing for them is taboo in sex, which men really appreciate. At the same time, they are also challenging and they are definitely not satisfied with the "quickie" or insufficient activity.

But if it´s really true, I can´t judge it, you will have to discover by yourself :-).

And my hobbies? I regularly run (I´ve run a half marathon), ride a bike, work out in a fitness centre and I do a box.

I am a non-smoker. I have a natural look. I don´t have any tattoo, any piercings and any implants.

If I eat I am not picky and I can eat any kind of cuisine, my favourite is Italian and Japanese (sushi). I like to drink ice tea.

I will be happy to meet you soon in Prague. I am currently only available during the day (from 4 to 12 hrs).

Chiara's photo gallery

Chiara can boasts a cute baby face, full lips and naturally curly long red hair (as you can see in her photos it is the style of Julia Roberts in the movie Pretty woman).  Her personality is adventurous, pragmatic, optimistic, honest and talkative.

Women with hair the color of fire have always been a bit mysterious. They have teased men's imaginations since ancient times. They are considered the most passionate.

So gentlemen, Chiara is a challenge for you! Meet her and discover her enigmatic personality.

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