Booking conditions

1. Please make your booking in time! We highly recommend these intervals:

  • a meeting in Prague – at least 2 days in advance
  • a meeting in other European cities – at least 5 days in advance
  • a meeting in the USA, Asia or other parts of the globe – at least 10 days in advance

2. Last minute bookings

If you want to meet a companion on the same day you arrive in Prague, we will do our best to accommodate your requests but please let us know at least in the morning if you wish to meet a lady in the evening. However, we cannot guarantee that your favorite companion (or companions) will be available. ALIT GROUP ladies have professional careers outside of the escort business and not all of them live in Prague; that is why it is best to contact us more days prior to your intended arrival.

3. Inquiries including the following information will be handled as a priority:

  • a brief introduction of yourself (if you are our new client) - your nationality, a description of your appearance including your age, height, approx. weight, color of your hair and eyes, your profession, a smoker/non-smoker, your physical condition, interests, hobbies etc.,
  • the exact date (or the approx. date if your schedule is not finalized yet), timeduration and destination of the meeting,
  • your real name (under which you will be registred in the hotel) and your cellphone number (where you will be reachable in the day of the meeting),
  • your expectations, programme (how you would like to spend the time with a lady), preferred clothing style, special wishes…,
  • your preferred and an alternative lady/ladies (in case that your preferred lady won´t be available),
  • in which hotel will you stay (in case that you wish to meet a lady in your private house please let us know your address).

We guarantee absolute discretion for our clients. We do not share, distribute and/or discuss any of our client's personal information with anyone… for any reason! The client's data is deleted after each engagement.

4. A note about our companions

Our companions really like their association with ALIT GROUP and they are happy to spend time with you. However, it is important to remember that their services are given freely and, as such, every lady has the right to terminate the meeting any time if she become uncomfortable with the situation.

The ladies on our website are self-confident and financially secure. They choose to travel with you because they enjoy it. As for their host (you), all that they ask is that you provide them with respect and remember that they also have private lives: do not ask for their phone numbers or any other personal information. Respect is a two-way street. Thank you for your understanding.

5. Please don´t negotiate about our rates!

Our rates are very reasonable and equates to quality companions so please don´t negotiate.

There is an old addage: „You get what you pay for“ which is definately the case when looking for a quality companion. If you book with us for the second time during one year we will appreciate your loyalty and you will get our better rates (see Table Rates – loyal clients).

6. Last minute cancellation fees

Please remember that our ladies have busy lives and they are carving out time in their schedule to be with you. Therefore, we (and she) would sincerely appreciate hearing from you if there has been a change in your schedule that would impact your booking (that includes delays and cancellations)... we can be flexible... but we also need your help and consideration. Last minute cancellations should be avoided.

If you really need to cancel the meeting at the last minute (one day in advance or the same day of the meeting) we will ask you to reimburse the lady these fees (either via Western Union or by bank transfer or we will keep it from your deposit):

  • 4 hrs booking = 200 Euro
  • 12 hrs boking = 400 Euro
  • 24 hrs booking = 500 Euro
  • 48 hrs booking and longer = 600 Euro

For more information visit our page Frequently asked questions, please.