Emily | 28 years, 174 cm

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Availability:Bratislava, Vienna, Budapest, Europe
Languages:English - fluent
Education:Art high school
Age:28 years
Height:174 cm (5' 8")
Bust:92 cm (36")
Waist:66 cm (26")
Hips:95 cm (37")
Eyes color:brown
Hair color:dark brown
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A personal note from Emily

Hi,  you will find that I have a cordial, caring, open-minded and positive personality with artistic soul. I have graduated from a secondary Art school and I work as a painter.

I’m often smiling and appreciative of everything that life brings. I am also generous and I believe that giving and receiving should be in a harmony, especially between two people sharing pleasure.

I love to do many things but, the day/evening is made even better, when the experience is shared with a gentleman with similar interests. I feel great especially in a company of elderly gentlemen (there is no issue even if you are 60+). Generally I love men. They are good friends of mine, they mean safety, love & fun, they inspire me and I appreciate their wisdom.  

My favourite hobby is travelling, but I also love dancing (classical and Latin-American) and any kind of art. What about to visit together a theatre, concert, museums or any exhibition?   

And food?  I am not picky, I like any kind of cuisine – Czech-Slovak/Austrian/Bavarian (these cuisines are very similar), Chinese, Italian, Mexican… And you? What would you like to eat? I am open to visit any restaurant into you wish to go.

I am a non-smoker and I am natural, I don´t have any implants. I have just some tattoos, I can cover if you don´t like it.

I live in Slovakia, not too far from Bratislava but I love travelling so I will be pleased to meet you soon in any kind of European city.


Yours Emily

Emily's photo gallery

Emily is a lively Slovakian beauty, fun to be with. It is easy to became quickly a friend with her, she has a great convesational skills so you won´t be bored with her even for one second.

She is remarkable by her tall, well-shaped figure and beautiful long dark hair. Although she has the style and manners of a classy woman, somewhere in her sparkling eyes is "a little devil" showing that from time to time she enjoys being naughty :-).

Her personality is well-balanced and she is a great choice for gentlemen who aren´t looking for a spoiled Barbie but they want to meet a passionate, down-to-earth woman eager to discover the world. 

A good news for gentlemen: She doesn´t have any problem with the age gap. On the contrary. She loves a company of an elderly, sophisticated gentleman.

logo_alite Your's Alice
The meeting with Emily was nice. She is honest, polite and offers good service. So she was definetly the best experience. Thank you for suggesting her.
  • Opinion:
  • Place: Croatia
  • Date: 2019-05-30
  • Length: 4 days
The meeting with Emily was fantastic, she is a wonderful, passionate companion and also she provides a great massage. Highly recommended!
  • Opinion:
  • Place: Bratislava
  • Date: 2019-04-17
  • Length: 4 hours

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4 hrs   500 €
12 hrs 1000 €
24 hrs 1300 €
48 hrs (Europe) 1700 €
72 hrs (Europe) 2100 €


Dear clients, please note:

Emily lives near Bratislava (1 hour journey) .

She is available for short (at least 4 hours) and long meetings in Bratislava, Budapest and Vienna.

The minimum booking in other European cities is overnight 12-24 hours (it depends on a flight).

The nearest airport for her is in Vienna.


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