Lonely? Have fun with Nela, Sindy, Liliana, Tina or Serena ONLINE via SKYPE!

Hi Friends,

how are you doing? Since the pandemic isn´t over yet at all, we are offering you something special - have an exclusive Skype live videochat with one of our lovely ladies!

The online meetings are available only now, during the lockdown.

The online chat will bring you a big benefit. Not only that you will improve your mood but mainly you´ll be able to judge if the girl is as beautiful as in her photos and how she behaves - if she is fun, intelligent, a good company... Simply if you really like her! And then... when the lockdown is over... you can meet e.g. for a couple of days in any kind of European city. Sounds good enough to you :-)?


If so, go ahead :-). You can choose: Liliana, Nela, Serena or Sindy.

You need only to have a computer (or smart phone, tablet...), a good Internet connection and downloaded Skype.

The rate is 100€ / 30 min.

The amount has to be paid one day in advance either via Paypal or our bank account. Please contact us at our e-mail for more information: alice(na)alitgroup(tecka)com   

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Yours Alice