Let’s recharge your batteries and get vitamin D on vacation with an Alit lady!

Dear Friends and Clients,

we are all tired of the Coronavirus pandemic… This nightmare looks like a never-ending story… So what about to escape at least for a few days of common life, get vitamin D and recharge batteries?  We all need it!

Alit Group ladies are very healthy. They are from the Czech republic (Aneta is from Slovakia) and can travel to several exotic countries (with a negative Covid test before journey) and also to several EU countries.

We have many private laboratories and medical stations in the Czech republic where is easy to provide a Covid test (the result i known usually in 12 hours).

Where can we travel? 

Here are some examples: Canarian islands, Madeira, Zanzibar, Maldives, Dubai, Egypt, Tunisia, Kenya, Dominican republic, Mexico, Croatia…

If you are going on holiday and you have no partner, don´t hesitate and contact us.


Yours sincerely