The "magical creation" SARAH is back with us!

Dear Friends and Clients,

after some break, "the magical, red-haired creation" SARAH is back in our team. She is fresh and eager to meet you soon!

Read 12 reviews in her profile from years 2014-2016. Here is one review from our client about her:

"....After having seen Sarah for four hours in Prague, I can attest that she is a charming dinner companion, a stimulating conversationalist and an eager partner for after-dinner pursuits. What else is there to say? Oh yes, she is also very cute....."

Or another one:

"....Dear Alice, I thank you for the whole set up. Sarah is a magical creature ... I had a wonderful time and I think she had fun also. It is very dangerous to meet her again though ... cause she can make you addicted ... oh my goodness ...... Thanks again for everything...."  

Sincerely Yours