The fresh news about the current situation

Dear Friends & Clients,


I hope you all are well. I greet you from my home in a situation which none of us has chosen, but it concerns us all.

Due to the current pandemic of Coronavirus, the borders of the Czech Republic were closed, as well as the borders of many other countries.

There are 4 possible scenarios in the Czech republic (the information is from our TOP doctors):

Optimistic - we will fight the virus until the end of April, 2020

Realistic - until the end of May, 2020

Pessimistic  – until the end of June, 2020

Very pessimistic – until early August, 2020


Italy, Spain, France, UK, Germany, Switzerland… are now in much worse situation than our country, the Czech republic, so it is also up to them when we will be allowed to travel. Europe (and all world) is connected more than we think.


I wish you good health and peaceful but not boring days.

Take care and from time to time look at our website.  I will bring you a fresh news later.  


Sincerely Yours