The brand-new selfies of Christina! Never looked better!

Dear Friends,

Christina has just sent to me a few selfies of her. And she looks so fantastic that I had to share this news with you.

I added a few selfies to her profile. Check it out! She is like wine, isn´t she? The older the better.

It is visible that she likes healthy life style, joga, sport, meditation, cuddlings with her pets... She never deny good wine especially in a company of a sophisticated gentleman.

So this is Christina :-). If you have never met her, go ahead and book her! Since who knows how long does she stays in this business.  She says: "Once I find a right partner for life I will definitely quit and I will be happy to be a perfect wife. And btw, I am a good cook and great lover :-)."

Sincerely Yours

xoxo Alice :-)