Let’s recharge your batteries and get vitamin D on vacation with an Aligroup lady!

Dear Friends and Clients,

we are all tired of the Coronavirus pandemic… This nightmare looks like a never-ending story… So what about to escape at least for a few days of common life, get vitamin D and recharge batteries?  We all need it!

Alit Group ladies are very healthy. They are Czechs and can travel to several exotic countries (with a negative Covid test before journey) and also to several EU countries.

We have many private laboratories and medical stations in the Czech republic where is easy to provide a Covid test (the result i known usually in 12 hours).

Where can we travel? 

Here are some examples: Maldives, Dominican republic, Mexico, Egypt, Tunisia, Kenya, Canarian islands, Spain, Sweden, France, Croatia, Italy, Potugal, Poland, Austria…

What do you think about it :-)? If you are going on holiday and you have no partner, don´t hesitate and contact us.


Yours sincerely