From 21 June, EU citizens can travel to the Czechia without any restrictions!

Hi Friends,

I believe you all got at least the first dose of the vaccine, right? So in this case, if you are an EU citizen and the dose was given to you at least 22 days ago before your arrival, you can travel to the Czech Republic without any restrictions.

You must be able to prove the vaccination with a national certificate.

If you are not vaccinated you must prove yourself by a negative test or a recent Covid illness.


We hope you are going to enjoy the great atmosphere of the historic, cultural city of Prague soon.

You can meet Alit ladies also in many other cities of the EU or in some countries out of the EU (e.g. in Mexico, Dominican republic, Dubai, The Canary islands...).


We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Sincerely yours

Alice & Alitgroup ladies