Natalie | 25 years, 170 cm

Basic info

Availability:Prague, Europe
Languages:English - very good
Russian - fluent
Profesion:fitness coach, model
Education:high school
Age:25 years
Height:170 cm (5' 6")
Bust:88 cm (35")
Waist:62 cm (24")
Hips:89 cm (35")
Eyes color:brown
Hair color:brown
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A personal note from Natalie

I am an energetic, cordial and optimistic young woman, a fitness trainer, occasionally working as a photo-model. Since I am single and I enjoy travelling, why not to became a companion for some time :-)?

I am sure you will find me a pleasant combination of youth and maturity, someone with a realistic outlook on life.  And I am able to understand needs of people very well and fulfill their secret dreams.  I am able to listen to you and provide a peaceful interlude after your stressful day. 

I am friendly and affectionate, and I am always looking for ways to make my companion happy, especially if he is a nice gentleman. And what about you :-)?

My hobbies are exercising in a fitness centre (see photos of my round, firm bottom :-)), playing tennis, walking in nature, travelling (meeting people from different nations is fascinating) and dancing. Also I love swimming, sunbathing at the sea (I enjoy wear no bra – I feel so free this way!) and visiting of culture events, theatres, cinemas.

And food?  The most I like the Italian, Czech and Chinese cuisine. A don´t drink alcohol too much. Just one glass of wine or a coctail.

I am a non-smoker. I don´t have any piercings and any tattoo.

I will be happy to meet you in Prague or other European cities.


Natalie's photo gallery

Natalie is a real gem. She is a pride of every social event and a caring girlfriend in a privacy. Although her young age, she is mentally mature and her behaviour is empathetic, adaptable and warm. It is very easy to communicate with her, she is open and talkative so you will quickly became good friends.

Thanks to the regular exercising in a fitness centre she has the perfect, slender, firm figure of a model and the contrast between her blue eyes and dark hair is irresistible.  She is a wonderful choice for many kind of occassions.


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Duration Rates
4 hrs   600 €
12 hrs 1100 €
24 hrs 1400 €
48 hrs (Prague, Europe) 1800 €
each extra day   400 €

Dear clients, please note:

Natalie lives in the city located about 150 km out of Prague.

Her travel expenses to Prague are 60 EUR.

She can travel by train/bus or by her car to Dresden, Nürnberg, Vienna or Bratislava. We wil be glad to discuss with you about this option.

Travel expenses to these cities cost about 100-150 EUR and has to be paid in advance (if you are a new client).



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