Julia | 21 years, 177 cm

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Availability:Prague, Europe
Languages:English - good
Education:high school
Age:21 years
Height:177 cm (5' 9")
Bust:87 cm (34")
Waist:60 cm (24")
Hips:90 cm (35")
Eyes color:green
Hair color:blond
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A personal note from Julia

I am 21 years old student of a long-distance study at the high school of tourism . Before I studied hairdressing but I discovered that I don´t enjoy this field. To be a companion is much more exciting :-)!  

I am a peaceful  person with a mild, not too talkative nature. I am not one who flaunts. I am stable and reliable. I need to have things under control and I prefer the order.

I am restrained and cautious, I need more time to fully trust. I am bit afraid of chaos and changes in current world, I need stability and praise. I am an optimist, inside my soul are still the remains of a child.

I am very sensual, blessed with a strong sexual imagination and a great empathy. I like to try out new things. My motto isAll or nothing“.

And my hobbies? I like swimming, going to cinema, theatre… I can ski a little (I am a beginner). I tried to play golf and I liked it a lot but I am still a real beginner.

My favourite cuisines are Vietnamese and Chinese.

I am a non-smoker. My look is 100% natural. I have no pierciengs, no tattoes and no implants.

My English is quite in a good level. I will be glad to meet you in Prague or other cities of Europe.

Julia's photo gallery

First of all, Julia is naturally a very beautiful girl. With her amazingly long legs, slender, well-shaped body and angelic face, she could be easily a model in fashion magazines.  But it's not just her perfect tall body and her stunning beauty that will bring you under her spell. A warm smile that often appears on her face and gentle behaviour make her someone you like to spend time with.

Julia isn´t talkative, her personality is calm, quiet, polite, somewhat mysterious and a little childish, submissive. She needs to be led.

If you are a type of a gentleman who isn´t into intelectual conversations but you want to meet just a beautiful, smiling, uncomplicated girl, then Julia is a good choice for you.

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J. K.
Well... I will start by a positive way: Julia is a stunning beauty, a real model type of a young woman. She looks cute, exactly like on the photos, she is gentle, polite and smiling, nicely dressed.... But that's all I can say good about her. The conversation with her was boring, she isn´t able to talk about any topic (no opinion about anything). Private time was generally disappointing. Absolutely no GFE, rather professional behaviour.... Sorry to write this... I don´t want to discourage other guys - maybe just I wasn´t her type :-).
  • Opinion:
  • Place: Not official
  • Date: 2018-01-26
  • Length: 12 hours

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Julia lives in Prague.

She will be pleased to meet you in this city and also other cities of Europe. 

She can travel by bus or train to these cities: Vienna, Bratislava, Dresden, Nürnberg and Berlin. Travel expenses are about 80-100 Euro.

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