Katie | 21 years, 171 cm

Basic info

Availability:Prague, Europe
Languages:English - excellent
German - basic
Age:21 years
Height:171 cm (5' 7")
Bust:90 cm (35")
Waist:65 cm (26")
Hips:93 cm (37")
Eyes color:blue-green
Hair color:blond
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A personal note from Katie

I can say about myself that I am a gentle young lady with a romantic soul, currently studying a University in a city located not too far from Prague.

Although I have a soft personality and at first glance I may seem timid, the reality is different. My inner self is eager for adventure, fun and excitement.

I enjoy sport (skiing, hiking or walking in nature, cycling, swimming…).  I am interested in sightseeing and I like going to theatres, cinemas, exhibitions…

Actually, there are two personalities inside of myself – a „good girl“ and a „naughty girl“. It is only up to you who personality you would like to open.

Otherwise I am cheerful, emphatetic, reliable and I enjoy a company of sophisticated people. I speak English in a level which is good enough for an interesting communication and a little German.

I am a non-smoker. I have neither tattoos nor piercings. I have no implants. I  prefer a natural beauty.

For food I like Italian, Indian and Japanese cuisine (sushi) . For drink I prefer water and a glass of wine (I don´t drink alcohol too much).

I will be happy to meet you in Prague or any different European city.   

My RATES are basic, you can find them here: Detailed rates.

Katie's photo gallery

Everybody who meets Katie has to be fascinated by her pure, natural beauty. She is a real eye-catcher and a head-turner.  Men will surely find it difficult to resist these big blue, sparkling eyes.

In addition to her remarkable physical beauty, she has a very kind, well-balanced, modest, open-minded and tender personality. She is a special young lady and a purposeful student, who is eager to explore new countries, cultures and people.  

I can recommend her for real gentlemen „knights“ who likes to protect ladies.

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Duration Rates (new clients)
 4 h   500 €
12 h 1000 €
24 h 1300 €
48 h  1600 €
72 h  2000 €


Dear clients, please note:

Katie lives out Prague (2 hours journey by train). Her travel expenses to Prague are 50 EUR.

Rates in this table are only for Prague and Europe.

Here are Detailed rates for all destinations.

Loyal clients will receive 50-100 Euro discount.



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