Gabriella | 20 years, 180 cm

Basic info

Availability:currently only Prague
Languages:English - very good
French - basic
Education:high school
Age:20 years
Height:180 cm (5' 10")
Bust:90 cm (35")
Waist:70 cm (28")
Hips:98 cm (39")
Eyes color:blue
Hair color:light brown
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A personal note from Gabriella

I am an attractive student with a gentle and romantic soul, currently preparing for my secondary school-leaving exam (the field of social services).

My school is quite far from Prague but I am going to Prague every weekend. I am usually available from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon and I will be happy to meet you :-). Sometimes I can arrive to Prague also during the week (in the afternoon and evening).

Although I have a soft personality, I am very polite, well-mannered and sometimes I can look shy, the reality is different. My inner self is eager for adventure, fun and excitement.

I enjoy sport  - skiing, tennis, golf (I am a beginner), hiking or walking in nature, going for trips….  I am interested in sightseeing and I like going to theatres, cinemas… Actually, there are two personalities inside of myself – a „good girl“ and a „naughty girl“. It is only up to you who personality you would like to open.

Otherwise I am cheerful, emphatetic, reliable and I enjoy a company of sophisticated men. I speak English in a level which is good enough for an interesting communication and a little French.

I am a non-smoker. I have neither tattoos nor piercings. I have no implants. I prefer a natural beauty.

For food I like Italian cuisine. For drink I prefer water, coffee and a glass of wine (I almost don´t drink alcohol).

Currently I am available to meet you usually at weekends in Prague and later, starting from July 2022, I will be available also for longer travelling. 

So what about now to meet for shorter time in Prague and then, in summer, we can go together on holiday :-).

Looking forward to meeting you soon :-) xoxox

Gabriella's photo gallery

First of all, Gabriella is naturally a very beautiful girl. With her amazingly long legs, slender, well-shaped body and angelic face, she could be easily a model in fashion magazines. But it's not just her perfect tall body and her stunning beauty that will bring you under her spell. A warm smile that often appears on her face and gentle, friendly, cultivated behaviour make her someone you like to spend time with.

She has adventurous, talkative, honest and "sunny" personality. You will feel very comfortable in a company of this classy, young lady.

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Duration  Rates
4 hrs   600 €
12 hrs 1200 €
24 hrs 1600 €
48 hrs 2000 €

Gabriella is available only at weekends in Prague.

She will be available for travelling from July 2022 (when she has school holiday).

Her travel expenses to Prague are 50€.


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