A new sexy model Claudie has just enriched our team :-)

Dear Friends,

summer is here :-). Czech republic is in "a green zone" so we Alit ladies can easily to travel throughout Europe. And I am happy to introduce you a new lady Claudie in our team.

This beautiful, slender young woman (mentally mature but behaving and looking like a young girl), speaking fluently English and German, is eager to meet you in Prague or other European cities.

And what else should I say about her? I will tell you this one: "Claudie is a lady of many faces. During the day she looks and behaves like a decent, precise office worker but during a photo-shoot she totally transforms herself and becomes a real woman-vamp". Do you want to meet the vamp?

I guess this lady is a challenge and you shouldn´t meet the opportunity to meet her soon.

Sincerely Yours